Republic of Ireland Training Session in Tipperary

The Republic of Ireland held an open training session in Cooke Park ,Home to St.Michael’s in Tipperary Town 10 August 2009.It was 10 am in the morning and a huge crowd attended .A great honour for the region to be able to host the squad all credit due to John Delaney FAI Chief Executive and … Continue reading

Home a Film by Yann Arthus – Bertrand

Home is film with unique footage from over 50 countries,so that people become aware of the spoliation of the earths riches and change its patterns of consumption. See HOME  HERE

Ireland ,Australia Flags Fly in Sporting Limerick.

Flags are flying in abundance in a sporting Limerick City as it eagerly awaits the Republic of Ireland v Australia Friendly soccer match which takes place in Thomond Park • Wednesday August 12th ’09 • KO: 7.30pm ,Ticket information available at the F.A.I  HERE . This is of great economic benefit to the region with the Irish … Continue reading

Stephen Lucey at the Guinness 250 fans on Ballywire

See the Croom and Limerick County Hurler Stephen Lucey on a Video Courtesy of ballywire at the Guinness 250 Fans…  

Liverpool win in Dunmanway

Well done to Dunmanway for  showing so much imagination in attracting one of the top clubs in the Premiership to send over a side to play in West Cork.This can only be positive for the region in attracting tourism and business… See the Video by my  good friendYellow Labrador who is based  in Dunmanway Part … Continue reading

It was 40 Years Ago Today,Abbey Road The Beatles

It was 40 years ago today ,8 August 1969 when the Beatles walked out of their Abbey Road Studios and crossed the road (to paraphrase from the Beatles lyric on opening intro to Sgt .Peppers 20 years ago today) for a eponymous image to be taken of them at an zebra crossing ,which is now … Continue reading

Barney Sheehan’s high hopes for the Desmond O’Grady Weekend of Poetry

Well known Whitehouse Poet Barney Sheehan will be hoping for records to be set this weekend with the Desmond O ‘Grady International Poetry Celebration,which takes place at the Jesuit Church ,O ‘Connell Avenue ,Limerick City… See the Limerick Post below for more. GRECIAN urns of in bloom inspire more than … Continue reading

Clancy’s Strand ,Limerick.

Video of Clancy’s Strand  ,complete with a new boardwalk. See Limerick City Council for more information  HERE


Today   is the 40th Anniversary of the  first landing on the Moon by mankind On July 20 1969,Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to set foot on the MOON.  TIME  has more coverage HERE I remember seeing the snowy images of the men landing on the moon on a neighbours TV as there were not … Continue reading