Limerick ,Happy New Year .

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The Clare Glens.

Nora,The Piano Playing Cat

This is one incredible Cat,a You Tube sensation.Nora is owned by a piano teacher Betsy Alexander in Philadelphia.She is a gracious performer on the keyboard and she is on the way to making a fortune from Mugs,Calendars ,magazines,cat toy manufacturers ,life is just Purr Fect for Nora right now.We all await her tour dates! Croke … Continue reading

Limerick Skatepark Hosts National Championships

Mount Kennett ,Steamboat Quay ,Limerick City was the venue yesterday for the All Ireland Skate Championship’s . A glorious day was had by all who participated and a large attendance of a 1000 looking on.The weather helped with no rain evident a miracle in itself considering the miserable Summer which has passed.Andy Jolly from Tubes,Limerick was the … Continue reading

Home a Film by Yann Arthus – Bertrand

Home is film with unique footage from over 50 countries,so that people become aware of the spoliation of the earths riches and change its patterns of consumption. See HOME  HERE


Today   is the 40th Anniversary of the  first landing on the Moon by mankind On July 20 1969,Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to set foot on the MOON.  TIME  has more coverage HERE I remember seeing the snowy images of the men landing on the moon on a neighbours TV as there were not … Continue reading


The overnight Rain has certainly half filled this glass which was left out overnight,a lot of Rain . Courtesy of the Branson Music Factory .com

My Little Frogs

   It has been a great year in our garden pond with an abundance of frogs ,the previous years we usually would  have seen only one frog  perhaps its the maturity of the garden has contributed to more pond life visiting .

Birdtables attract Rats!

Starlings feeding at the Birdtable in the Photo,likewise this Birdtable is visited Daily by several species of Birds from  Blackbirds,Robins,Sparrows,Pigeons,Grey Collared Doves etc..except we will now have to cease placing out feeding for the Birds for a duration. Yesterday it had an unlikely visitor…. In Broad daylight   Not to be viewed if you are … Continue reading

Jim O’Farrell Fine Art

Jim O’Farrell was born in Corbally in Limerick, Ireland in 1951 and has been recording scenes of the city since he was a boy. It has been said that he captures the very air of Limerick in his work; perhaps because the city has always played such a significant role in his life. And he’s … Continue reading