Limerick Milk Market

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The Limerick Milk Market is to undergo a major re development, the final market day was held on Oct 31 2009 in its current location (A temporary location in Ellen Street will suffice for the duration of the new development).

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 The  Milk Market was built in 1830,in 1989  it was renovated  transformed  into a thriving market with provision for shops and open stalls in the courtyard.The market takes place on a Saturday and is well worth a visit for the cheese, fresh vegetables direct from the local farmers,fish,breads,pig on the spit, musicians ,antiques etc…there is something for everyone who visits .

The plans for the new market will include a weatherproof tensile and is expected to be open for business six days a week .Let’s hope it survives in its  format as an open market and not become a shopping mall. 

This review appeared on Trip Advisor  The Milk Market. Yes. A veritable feast for the eyes. No milk, mind you, but plenty of lovingly produced goods with regard to the food end of the affair. There are antiques too – and plenty of junk graveyards that should be classed as no more than an abysmal car boot sale, but hey. This is Limerick. A city that has its thumb on the pulse of aspiring VIP magazine pages from locally and badly written gossip columns -and its little finger towing true cultural lifelines.And indeed this perfect little Saturday morning market is the aorta of this lifeline. Real people, real hobbies, real loves and real communities. All coming together in the name of ritually had sickly- sweet- but- perfect waffles from the waffle caravan, regular visits to the mad Frenchmans’ stall for all sorts of freshly pickled fish/seaweeds/conversation and for the glorious stuffed vine leaves at the olive stall. With the corny English man never short of a genuine smile and gutsy greetings.Let us not forget our farming friends, and so -blessed be the cheese makers. Nor let us forget the existential presence near the archway who sells little pots of peppery pickles along with all sorts of seasonally fashionable jammy numbers. In fact, today’s purchase honoured a little beauty filled with fruity fig, gooseberry and onion based mustard seed stew. Yes. Bless him too. Adding a little spice to Limerick life other than the left over curry chips splodged on pavements near night clubs from the-night-before-the -morning-after.Blessed too, be the buskers. Ritually buttoning out ailing traditional Irish tunes that are charming as they are kitch and classic. Sitting beside the little old lady who sells her own duck eggs. Well of course not her own duck eggs, but rather her own duck’s eggs. Just in case you were amusing over a cognitive impasse. Anyway – the kitch classic angle swamped with late twenty/early thirty somethings in Burberry is merely the cream of irony atop the nature of what such fairs can be. The community dressing up in order to be dressed down. You know – it’s not easy to attract attention without undue effort into casual chic for that Saturday morning appearance at the Milk Market. God knows I try. But I waste my time. For true life shines out of the eyes of the little old ladies with wizened faces that bear happy acknowledgements – and out of the friendly eyes of dignified elderly local country men who remember more Markets than I clichés.But image and irony aside – a complete must is Dorothy and Mark’s stand. Here, Mark helps out his Mum with grace and gusto as they both cheerfully tend to lines of faithful customers and friends. This is the stall where you can pick up your paninni for immediate satiation before stocking up on lots of bean salads and the like as well as beautifully baked loaves, smothered with herbs/seeds and personal attention. Indeed, I must admit, that is the best part of a visit to this stall. The personal attention. Let me say it again….the persona… – you get the message. Because it’s never really about food, is it? Or maybe I was just a deprived child. Or maybe along with half the other females grouping at the stall – we all secretly fancy Mark….but that story is for another day and another column.So go to the Milk Market and make your own story. Whether that be bargaining for five packs of Tayto [the famed Irish potatoe chip], a pound of olive flesh, or matching the meeting of made-for-each-other minds with artichoke hearts. [And perhaps a smidgen of the onion jam -the one with the caraway seeds – from the arch way jam stand existentialist prop].

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