Hurling Helmets

Hurling helmets and face guards compulsory for senior hurlers from January 1  2010.The GAA has re-affirmed that the 2009 senior hurling championships at various different levels will be the last that permit players to take to the field without a hurling helmet and full face guard.
New regulations, which come into effect on January 1 next, require ALL players to wear helmets and face guards at all times for both training and matches.
The move will see senior players follow the minor and U21 grades where the use of protective headwear has been compulsory in recent seasons.

The new regulations will mean match officials will be obliged to stop play if a player appears on the field without the necessary equipment.

That player will be advised of the requirements that the new rules place on him and his continued participation will be dependent on his compliance with these rules.

This initiative has been designed with the health and safety of the players in mind and with the special intention of reducing head and eye injuries that the use of helmets can help prevent.

GAA President Criostóir Ó Cuana is confident that the new regulations will further assist in the enhancement of the safety of adult hurlers at every level.

He said: “We appreciate that the new rulings which come into effect on January 1 next will mean a change and a challenge for some of our adult hurlers.

“However in the interests of the safety of those who play our games, it was incumbent on us as an Association to reach this point and a date is now fixed and in front of us to work towards.

“When the same rule change was announced for the minor and U21 grades some of our followers predicted problems but thankfully the players, trainers and managers bought into the spirit of the rule and helped create a general acceptance of the change.

“Our senior players do as much as anyone to help put our games in the shop window enticing younger players to play our games and it is a logical progression for us to insist that they lead by example.”


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