The Irish Cuppa by Joan Cregan

The Irish Cuppa

irish cuppa

You’ll have a tea or coffee?

Some apple tart or bun

Ah do,  it’s made already

You won’t . A sandwich then

                Have one.

Are you sure you aren’t hungry?

I could make a little lunch

It’s no trouble, really

We could call it brunch. 

And how are all the family ?

Are you sure about the tea

It really is delicious

There’s far too much for me 

I heard you sprained your ankle

Must be painful, you look great

How about a coffee then

There are biscuits on the plate. 

I appreciate your visit

It’s a pity you can’t stay

I’ll be getting dinner ready soon

It’s egg and chips today. 

A Warm Welcome

I’m going to the office

To collect my salary

I’ll only be ten minutes

Maybe have a cup of tea

But then we get to chatting

And time flies by so fast

Before we even notice

An hour or more has passed 

It really lifts my spirit

When I visit once a week

To see those smiling faces

Really is a treat 

Ye’re truly are the carers

Of all of us who care

Not just for one another

   But for everyone out there

Copyright Joan Cregan


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