Tim Daly Lyrical consultant on Pink Floyd’s “Momentary Lapse”

tim daly 2

This weeks guest poet in the Whitehouse  is Tim Daly.
lyrical consultant on Pink Floyd’s “Momentary Lapse”

White House Poets

Location:  Limerick, Ireland

The White House Poetry Revival has being going for five years. Every Wednesday the famous old world bar is transformed into a centre of culture as poets recite their latest work. Barney Sheehan and Dominic Taylor, the people behind the revival of poetry at the White House, continue to attract the best of Irish and International poetry to Limerick. The reading has provided an open, supportive venue for countless poets to perform their work, and has fostered a community of poetry. Over the last five years the reading has grown, evolved and matured. We are proud to have provided an open-mic for poets from all over Ireland, Europe and the world: from Buddy Wakefield to Greg Delanty to hundreds of others you have never heard, but should have. The reading continues to grow and change and we would invite you to come down, to listen – and should the mood strike you – to speak. The White House Poets would like to acknowledge the support of the Arts Council, Poetry Ireland, Foras Na Gaeilge, Limerick City Council, http://www.limerick.com/ and the White House Bar, all of whom helped make the White House one of the pre eminent venues for poetry in Ireland. Proceeding commence at 9.00 pm.

More On Whitehouse Poets Here

A Momemtary Lapse Of Reason Pink Floyd Courtesy of floydian15


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