A DELL Reminder ,When You turn on Your PC

Image of the Day,A DELL Reminder ,

It is not easy turning on  the PC and seeing this unfold in front of you today dell

The news today says 1900 people out of work within the next year from the Dell Limerick Plant.OK There are 2000 left 1k in dublin 1k in limerick…blame the Poles i hear…50 milion grant etc …

Poland !

Lets get something right here the so called manufacturing  to Poland will be done in asia,africa,china ?? at 30 cents per hours (EXPLOITATION I HEAR) …product then shipped  back to Poland to relabel (with a small amount of manufacturing involved there??) they will be payed 3 euros per hour.

The people in Dell Limerick are on on less than 10 euros per hour.

Minister Willie O Dea stated today we will never be competitive to compete as a country to work for 3 euros an hour ,I am sick of listening to locals that  bullshit that Dell had hangars on etc …they supplied a lot of the world with notebooks ,computers etc …they can’ t be all bad ,it is competitive out there…Hp ,IBM,Apple etc

Every profession has it hangars on in this world ,each one of us individually should take a good look at what we do in a given day and how productive we are.

Local man Nicky Hartery The Company’s former Vice President of Manufacturing tried recently to save the situation ,see the Limerick Leader link below


Dell have had major input into one of  Ireland’s leading schools Croom’s  Colaiste Chiarain see


A very bad day for the Mid West but let’s take heart from Munster we may yet  recover.


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