Agricultural College Places on the Up

Increase demand for Agricultural college places has reached a milestone for the Agricultural industry- Macra na Feirme national president Catherine Buckley said ‘agriculture is at a turning point in terms of recent increases in the numbers of students attending agricultural colleges. Ms Buckley said it has become apparent to Macra that the decline of new entrants to farming is about to change, this is due to the year on year increase in the numbers attending agricultural college. According to Teagasc, enrolment figures for further education courses in Agriculture will be up 42% to date this year on the back of a 47% increase last year, and optimism among farmers is high. A recent survey conducted by Macra na Feirme on 109 young farmers, indicated that 67% of those surveyed were optimistic about the future of farming in Ireland. When these young farmers were asked about the areas of most concern to them, they highlighted rising production costs as the number one issue of concern to them and given the time the survey was conducted with the disastrous summer it’s no surprise that climate change was regarded as the second area of concern. Macra na Feirme believes that farming is at a turning point and is about to embrace the opportunities of the future which have been highlighted by world economists.
Lisa Cahill 

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