The Waterboys,In concert In Croom 1989


The Waterboys Ticket ,Croom Concert 1989

The Waterboys Ticket ,Croom Concert 1989



In October 1988 The Waterboys released the “Fisherman’s Blues “which became a massive hit for them especially in Ireland due to its traditional influences. Mike Scott and Steve Wickham combined together Rock, Country and local Music to delight of the Irish Public .Mike Scott was residing in the Spiddal Area of Galway at the time and met with many of local musicians such as De Dannan and also gathered stories from the local people “Sean Nos”   which he used to write in his songs. The Concert Tours of Ireland turned out to be a sell out everywhere they went as a result of releasing the single “Fishermans Blues itself in Jan 1989.

In May 1989 they helped  Sharon Shannon launch her first album ,she plays Glastonbury with them in June 1989,A “Bang on the Ear “ is released and makes  number one in the Irish Charts, European American Tours followed.

In December 1989 the Waterboys embarked on a Christmas Tour, the Community Centre, Croom, Co. Limerick was one of the venues. I remember it well as it was packed to rafters as the saying goes. On stage that night in Croom with them was Sharon Shannon who is now as major star. The rest of the line up that night Scott, Wickham, Thistlewaite, Hutchinson, Bridgeman and Blakey. The Whole of the Moon was played the place went mad ,people were dancing , bopping their heads to the music .The heat was unbearable  inside the community centre that night as all the well known tracks were played the majority from the Fisherman’s Blues  a concert to remember and an early Christmas Present. I wish I had brought a spare t -shirt that night though, but it was worth it .The Waterboys were at the height of their career then as the group began to drift apart the following year...The Waterboys Ticket is now pride in my collection….

Ticket Collection .

Ticket Collection .


Croom Community Centre

Croom Community Centre



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