Galbally Garden Fete 2008


Gallbally's Garden Fete 2008,It's 29Th Year

Gallbally's 29th Garden Fete 2008

Bingo ,At The Galbally Garden Fete 2008

Bingo ,At The Galbally Garden Fete 2008


Galbally Garden Fete proved to be a major success for 2008,everything went write on the day especially the weather .The Sun shone and this resulted in a large attendance gathering to celebrate its 29th year.Galbally situated on the Border with Co.Tipperary nestles beneath the Galtee Mountains,Tidy Towns winner in 1994  and one can see why with the Community Spirit that exists as i experienced on my visit there today.The Annual Garden Fete is held  in the Community Field and the music today was  provided by Jimmy Buckley  there were various activities for both young and old  including , Carnival, Horse & Carriage Exhibition, Helicpoter Rides ,Wheel of Fortune,Bingo.Tipperary Mid West Community Radio  were on hand to broadcast live with Mary B (Behan).In her interview with Canon Dalton ,the Canon stated it was so important for communities that  such events should continue to take place for the good of local communities.He thanked Tipperary Community Radio for Broadcasting the events of the day to a worldwide audience online to the emmigrants,the eldery and those listening in the nursing homes .Mary B “The Sun is shining today a miracle this year in Ireland,Is it true that the Child of Prayer was left out in Galbally during the week for today?” Canon Dalton remarked anything is possible with a wry smile.This is 29th year of the event and the Canon in his interview was looking forward to a very special 30th Celebration next year.Long may it last for all those in the Galbally Community. 

See more on the recent RTE Nationwide Programme from the 11th of August 2008 about Galbally in the Tidy Towns.,null,228

See The Limerick Leader link for more on Jimmy Buckley


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