The Oak,The Acorn and The Spider

The Oak,The Acorn
The Oak,The Acorn


The Spider

 Webs of Deceit!

This morning brought home the painful reality that Autumn is passing us by as the Summmer did which is well written about since the bad flooding in Newcastlewest to the floods in Dublin ,Mallow etc. dark ,dreary,misty …that damp smell is lingering around the house even in the car .The odd leaf is beginning to fall to the ground and the schools are back.Who ever coined the phrase “when they are back in school the weather will get better” it is not looking like it this year.

The Spiders were out in force this morning webs everywhere seen easily due to the damp misty conditions,the Oak is producing Acorns in abundance considering it is only 11 years old . Ireland’s National Tree the Oak .


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