Adults Swim Programme

From my Sportsability Forum and meeting with many of the organisations there is a big request for an adult swim programme. As there are only a few swimming pools in Limerick that are totally accessible and a very limited number of specially qualified swim instructors for many swimming has been inaccessible.
Hopefully this swim programme will address this need. The swimming programme will take part in Bawnmore Swimming Pool which is totally accessible and pool temperature is higher than that of public swimming pools. A qualified disability swim instructor will run the programme which will take the form of 6/8 week block sessions. Like all swimming programme there will be a cost, to cover pool and instructor fees.
I would please encourage you to make those in your organisation (both staff and members)/families/carers/ aware of this swimming programme, also those who may wish to give of their time and volunteer.
Please do not hesitate in contacting me should you have any queries or need any more information.

We may not all  reach the level of Michael Phelps the new Olympic Swimming Champion with his eight gold medals ,but participation in sporting events is very important in life. The Adult Swim Programme is a worthwhile experience to try out.
Siobhàn O’Malley
Sports Inclusion Development Officer
Limerick City Sports Partnership
T:  061-468542
E:  somalley at limerickcitysports dot ie


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