Shannon Rower Donald Attig reaches Limerick

Donald Attig’s Rowing Boat docked in the Custom House Quay ,Limerick Marina.

Donald Attig a 72 year has rowed down the River Shannon single handed in his 28ft sailing boat which also happens to weighs 1 ton, a remarkable feat of endurance in itself for Donald.

His achievement is unique in attempting to row solo the Shannon, the combination of rowing single handed represents the ultimate challenge. It   required enormous reserves of determination, stamina, commitment, physical and mental endurance plus an almost pathological single mindedness.

“Every eventuality was thought out before embarking on this trip… This included the design and construction of the boat. There were risks involved especially with the inclement weather we are having currently in Ireland.

 Rowing up to 15 hours a day, one could only think of this man competing in the Beijing Olympics.

Donald is living in North Cork but is originally from Chicago in the U.S.A.Boats are his life and soul. He has travelled the World but was recently inspired by the plight of an Indian Orphan Boy Tony .See more on Donald on the RTE Nationwide Programme link below and his reasons for this incredible feat of endurance to raise money for an Indian Orphan Boy Tony who has Special Needs.,null,228

The Limerick Leader has more on his arrival in Limerick


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