World Baton Twirling Championship 2008 In Limerick,Ireland.

The UL Arena ,Limerick ,The World Baton Twirling Championship 2008

The UL Arena ,Limerick ,The World Baton Twirling Championship 2008

 The World Baton Championship are currently been held in The Ul Arena ,Limerick City,Ireland with it’s conclusion today after a very exciting week of events.This event is totally new to this region of Sporting Limerick current home to the European Rugby Champions Munster .I went along to see and support this event with a degree of trepidation as a trip into the unknown,my knowledge would have been zero .As a GAA ,Rugby ,Soccer Follower and Sports in general ,I am open to viewing many other Sports as participation in Sports is  so important in life .

Video :The UL 2008

I had looked it up on You Tube and found out a lot through the help of videos from previous events this is an event which has an enormous following in the US,Canada,Japan and in European countries as Italy,Norway,Switzerland …

Ireland would have a very small base of following ,well done to President of Baton-Twirling Association of Ireland, Bernadette Doyne from Rathcoole in Co Dublin, is credited with bringing the event to Limerick – amid international opposition. for making sure this event would take place in Ireland and more so in Limerick.

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My Own Viewpoint:

This is absolutely fantastic to have such an event of such magnititude  visit our shores ,it is worth so much to the local economy but also create awareness that such a sport exists.It is hoped that this Sport will be included in the 2012 Olympics in London.It does grow on you the longer you stay looking at it .The skill levels are extremely high ,grace and poise included.It is worth a visit to Ul for the Final Day of this unique event in this region.

See more about the Baton Twirling Association of Ireland

The Results of the Weekend can found on the site


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