Reliant-Ability in Croom.

New York,Paris,Peckham and Croom

Reliant Regal Supervan 3 at Tony O Connor Car Sales, Croom.

One has to be forgiven for thinking they were in Peckham as i passed by the Tony O ‘Connor Car Sales  today in Croom,Co.Limerick.The Trotters Independent Trading Company Van was parked outside the premises.This is a model  of the same van which was used in the famous TV Series Only Fools and Horses which is currently enjoying re runs on several TV Channels at present.The Yellow coloured Reliant Regal is a small three -wheeled van manufactured by the Reliant Motor Company in Tamworth in England.It could also be driven on a motorcycle licence as it is a three wheeler,Dell Boy had it all worked out! More history available here on the link

Video: Music Hookie Street from Only Fools and Horses ,The Series

 For more information about the series Only Fools and Horses ,A very good fan based site is

Tony O Connor ,Car Sales, Croom.


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