Macra Na Feirme News Aug 5 2008

Ann Marie Keyes,Crecora.

Ann Marie Keyes,Crecora.

Congratations to Annmarie Keyes who represented Limerick last weekend in the International Miss Macra Festival which took place at Dundrum House Hotel, Tipperary. She had a wonderful weekend and wished all her supporters much thanks for their encouragement and support during the festival which began on Thursday. More here on the Macra link


This years European Rally is being held in Switzerland with representatives from 26 countries. This rally brings rural youth groups like Macra Na Feirme, together. Macra’s European Rally team are Damien Govern, Meath Macra, Dara Kavanagh (Team Leader) Wicklow Macra, Shane Roche, Louth Macra, Kaye Duffy, Cavan Macra and Caroline Divilly, Galway Macra. It gives young people the opportunity to travel and learn about the various techniques and issues affecting farming and rural communities across Europe. The Chairperson of County Wicklow, Dara Kavanagh will be the team leader of the national group sent by Macra Na Feirme, representing Ireland at the Rally. It is a chance every year to showcase Ireland, Irish produce and innovation in the rural community. This year’s focus is on Nature and Technology and the information our representatives bring back should be very interesting. More here from the Macra link
Lisa Cahill


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