Dromoland Castle Garden,A Hidden Gem.

Dromoland Castle Garden  Photo Tippryan

Dromoland Castle Garden Photo Tippryan


The Garden in Dromoland Castle is a sight to behold a priceless peaceful gem hidden away from the Castle.A beech tree lined tunnel awaits the visitor and then a large wooden black door at the end almost like the film ” A Secret Garden”.On opening the door a wall of colour is seen with the Hydrangeas http://www.hydrangeashydrangeas.com/currently in bloom with their large flowerheads of Pinks Reds,the White one in particular caught my eye.The Garden Pond with it’s lovely Pink Water Lillies and its nasturniums make a showy display with flowers from red to white and orange to yellow.

Then it is into the large Herb Garden where you are met with so many beautiful scents from the Lavender,Rosemary,Thyme a tall Fennel towers over the sage.I can hear the song  parsley ,sage ,rosemary and thyme “Are You Going to Scarborough Fair ” By Simon and Garfunkel.Everyone should have a herb garden ,all one needs is a series of containers or windows boxes.


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