Limerick Tunnel Public Open Day attracts 10,000.

The Limerick Tunnel Public Open Day attracted record crowds of up to 10,000 people today to see the tunnel before it’s immersion in the River Shannon. The crowds arrived from the early morning time of 10 am and parked in the grounds of Shannon Rugby Football Club in Connagh.




(Filmed from inside a bus with tinted windows)


The NRA (National Roads Authority) and Direct Route organized the open day which I have to say was run with precision, Limerick’s Live 95 FM broadcasting live from the site, the 95FM Clown was busy under the guidance 95FM’s Anne Bowen, children were having their faces painted a family occasion. Refreshments and catering provided by Delish with plenty of willing customers taking time out from the long queues for the buses. Information stalls about the tunnel could be found in the Marquee with plenty of the site experts providing the vital information. The University of Limerick stall was there for those interested in career opportunities in Civil Engineering and Construction Management .


McElligiots Buses were busy ferrying people back and forth from the site to the base in the club a tour taking in the views of the casting basin where the Tunnel Elements have been made to float out into the River Shannon at the end of August. Two years of construction work has been achieved with the completion of the Immersed Tunnel Elements .


The five tunnel elements are now been fitted out to float –out into the River Shannon. A 12m deep channel is been dredged  across the Shannon by Van Oord Cutter suction Dredge between Bunlicky and Coonagh .A remarkable 400,000 m3 of material will be dredged from the river bed. Lagoons have been built to contain the dredged material from the river which will become wetlands eventually. There are 100 people working in shifts 24hours on the tunnel element fit-out. A remarkable project for this region which eventually will be part of the Atlantic Corridor .More on

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