Athea ,How a Road Race has raised it’s profile on the World Map

Athea a tiny village in Co. Limerick is now renowned as a venue throughout the world for its staging of the Annual Motorcycling Road Race. The most recent Road race was held in Athea during last week of June. It is one of many races which count for the Irish Road Race Championship which are held in different venues throughout Ireland .This year over 20,000 attended the event which is a welcome boost to the region .The organizers and the Athea Motorcycle Club have to be commended for bringing this major event on the road calendar to the this small village in rural Co.Limerick.It is a great money-spinner as accommodation is sought in Abbeyfeale, Newcastlewest, Listowel etc There are the races for amateurs and the more serious championship races take place also over the weekend. The Course itself is 3.3 miles .The main event is the Grand Final which is up to 1010 cc.The winner of the 2008 event been Ray Farquhar on a Kawasaki ZX1000 Thankfully the event has been very successful and incident free due to been well run since it began in 2001, it is a sport that danger is often associated with this year has seen the tragic loss of Robert Dunlop.

Athea is well a truly a household name and on the map due to its annual association with Annual Road Races. It hosts race two of the calendar in the last week of September 2008.An event that will see the masses converge again on this tiny village. It also goes to show that small communities can achieve so much if all concerned pull together.

 Videos : Courtesy of my Good friend Roadrocket for the kind permission for the use of his video links of Athea 2008.





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