Spain win Euro 2008

World News: Spain win Euro 2008

Spain 1 (Torres) – Germany 0 

At last Spain the unachievers have won a trophy, as long i have followed soccer since 1970 i have seen Spanish teams with some of the Worlds greatest players basically bottle it when it came to the big stage .There are many reasons why this would have occurred politically divided within etc. Eamon Dumphy RTE pundit described Spain as a beautiful country, great people and culture in his delight at seem them winning Euros 2008.I Myself would share the same opinion as Eamon, down through the years i had families who’s son’s and daughters visited us to learn english from all parts of Spain ,and the return visits this is the way you get to know what Spainish are about .The Catalans from Barcelona,The Basques in Northern Spain,Madrid the Capital.

I have had the experience of having two students one from Madrid and one from Barcelona sharing the same room for a while ,we are not at war they said but there are differences ,when Barcelona and Madrid play each other well it’s almost a war.It is Interesting  that this Spainish winning team has Catalans Fabregas (Arsenal),Iniesta,Xavi Hernández, Puyol from Barcelona F.C  all who have had a tremedous tournament,combine this with Torres,Senna ,Villa and the Real Madrid players Casillas,Sergio Ramos  managed by the Luis Aragonés who has seemed to unite Spain with this win. The problem i now face is all those telphone calls to Spain but well done to them.

See more photos of the homecoming in Madrid on elpais 

Post dedicated my good friends paco,david,xavi and marta and their families.

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