Ireland Says “No” To Lisbon Treaty

The first song I came across today as I was tuning in to  find a radio station with the latest refendrum results from the Lisbon Treaty was the Pink Floyd song “Another Brick in the Wall “from 1979/1980 .

In 1980 the dark days followed in this country, there was emigration, despair, unemployment, lack of confidence. The only bright spark that united the country was Ray Houghton scoring a victorious goal against England  in the European Soccer Championship of 1988 in Stuggart, Germany the Celtic Tiger followed see  followed in the 1990’s a period of rapid economic growth, which has slowed down since 2007.  All in All We Are Just Another Brick In The Wall is a line from song ,Ireland today voted “No” to the Lisbon Treaty , the European Union has been thrown into turmoil so it seems. All 27 EU member states have to approve the Lisbon Treaty for it to be adopted , Ireland with 4.3 million people were the only country allowed to hold a refendrum under our constitution, the rest of the 495 million Europeans did not have this same choice ,one has to question what if they all had voted ?.18 countries so far have ratified the Lisbon Treaty through their governments. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner states we have benefited more than other members of the Eu in that Ireland has received billions of euros worth of subsidies from Brussels in its 35-year-old membership in the European Union.

 One should remind the French that they themselves with the Dutch voters rejected the EU Constitution in 2005,comments from Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner are not helpful and creates a division between the EU elite-o-crats and the voting public. The ratification of the Lisbon Treaty should continue as planned as stated by the French President Nicolas Sarkozy and the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown as if the Irish referendum never took place. Is this the EU — which sings the praises of how democracy works, we will have to wait and see what transpires when the next Eu summit takes place. Just like the words in the Pink Floyd song are we just Another Brick in the Wall!

 The final referendum result showed voted No 53.4%, voted Yes 46.6%. There were No votes 862,415 to yes votes 752,451, a difference of 109,964. The President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso insisted the treaty was “still alive”   He said he had spoken to Irish prime minister Brian Cowen, who had insisted that the No vote should not be seen as a vote against the EU.It is an embarrassing defeat for Ireland’s New Taoiseach though and all in government, who led the Yes campaign which spent millions, a united front with their opposition opponents in Government Enda Kenny’s led Fine Gael and Eamon Gilmore’s Labour did little to sway voters towards a Yes result. Libertas, Socialists, Sinn Fein the only opposition party in the Dail and Kathy Sinnott made up some the Anti-Treaty groups. The people of Ireland have spoken today with a resounding “No “.

 RTE has more on its link,null,230



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