Mobile I.T. (Computer Training)

Mobile I.T.

(Computer Training) ( is a community based project which is part funded by POBAL( and for non-profit. Any money raised in put back into Mobile I.T. equipment and training to offer more and varied courses to the community for a reasonable rate. Mobile I.T. is different to most training centers as they have a fleet of laptops and trainers who travel around to different locations. They offer mobile computer training- in your home, school, business, community or in our training facilities. Mobile I.T. offer many courses presently and their new brochure of available by contacting Carol Ahern on on 063 90952 or alternatively on 087 271 8898.

Some upcoming courses included * “Juniors Computer Camps”
A list of the camps going on during the summer and its itinerary are attached for more details.
We run “Juniors Computer Camps” through out the year.
*Equalskills* –  for the very beginner, a fun and informal introduction to computers and the Internet
*E-Citizen* – learn how to shop, bank, book holidays, use government services on-line, along with how to email.
Gives candidates the confidence to participate in society as an E-Citizen.
*ECDL *- European Computer Driving License – A standard which employers recognise. The ECDL is equal to 2 credits on level 4 of the fetac framework.
*IC3* – Internet & Computing Core Certification
*MOS* – Microsoft Office Specialist

Also they have new fun & trendy & courses such as :
-How to Buy & Sell on E-Bay
-Digital Camera Course
-Internet & Email
-Learn how to download your own music onto your IPOD or MP3
-How to setup and use VOIP such as SKYPE or BLUEFACE


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