Munster the new European Rugby Champions 2008 received a Civic Reception at the Limerick City Hall to acknowledge their incredible achievement in winning the Heineken European Cup for the 2nd Time.They were greeted by the Mayor of Limerick Ger Fahey  and the Kevin Sheahan The Cathaoirleach of Limerick County Council
The Munster Team then boarded an open top bus which left the Limerick City Hall and then made its way through the streets of Limerick lined with people  via Athlunkard Street, King’s Island, across the Thomond Bridge and on to the symbolic Treaty Stone( )where there was a brief pause in the bus trip to raise the Heineken European Cup high in the air to tumultuous applause from the large crowd. A loud cheer transpired as it passed the Curragower Pub as several people raised their glasses in a toast to their heroes.
It was difficult to film at times as there were so many people who continued to follow the homecoming tour walking and running with the bus on its route, a joyous occasion to savour though.This is what Munster is about, its personal players and supporters know each other first name terms, the supporters are often referred to as the 16th man … this is what it makes this team so different to so many others in world rugby.Munster may not have the financial backing that some of the more illustrious club names in European Rugby have but when it comes to the supporters we have the greatest and the largest following of all the clubs.
The tour bus then made its way across Sarsfield Bridge, Henry Street before the team departed from the bus to go on stage to face 50,000 supporters, there would have been many more  on O’Connell Street ,Limerick reason being that  the supporters who attended the final in Cardiff were still trying to make their way back home to Munster .Due to I following the homecoming tour bus a price had to paid in been so far back from the stage on Limerick’s O ‘Connell’s street. Included are excerpts from the large video screen of the speech given by the Munster Captain Paul O Connell, Alan Quinlan man of the match in Cardiff been interviewed by Len Dineen and finally the thoughts of the great Jerry Flannery.

The video concludes with my  photos of the day to music.


I would like to thank and acknowledge the kind permission given by the Ryan Family for the use of their website  in the above post.This post is dedicated to the memory of sean ryan who suffered with Motor neuron disease (MND)who continued to work tirelessly with his interest in community and Irish history before he passed away in 2006.


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