A Birdie, A Finch and a Swim.

The Maigueside was a showcase on the world sporting stage last week when the Irish Open Golf Championship was held on the banks of the Maigue at Adare Manor Hotel and Golf Resort. The Maigueside District is a historic area with its castles manors and mills ,and on Sunday evening last the world media broadcast and televised Richard Finch taking an early summer dip coming to the 18th hole when he stumbled taking his final shots on his way to victory, the Maigue may be well known for its Salmon fishing in the past but last Sunday evening’s event seen by millions of people watching the Irish Open in Adare  ,all the tourist promotions could not buy this exposure and the river Maigue is now on the world stage as a place to visit .Who knows with a half a million Crooms in family names and districts in the  United States they may like to see the River Maigue following last weekends exposure.

Richard Finch ,The winner been pursued by a section from the large crowd who attended the Irish Open Golf Championship in Adare last weekend .

To see that dip in the Maigue  see  the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V48hDQxLRbw


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