Adare Manor Irish Open Golf Championship 2008

Adare Manor

The Adare Manor in the photo above from yesterday’s Irish Open Golf Championship showcasing itself to the world from its wooded setting in the farmlands of the Golden Vale by the river Maigue, Adare It self is a model village dating back from the time of the Norman Conquest. Thatched cottages line its streets, with many beautiful stone buildings and picturesque ruins. The River Maigue flows under a stone bridge and medieval monasteries on its banks. Trout Fishing is prominent on the Maigue. It has been home to the Earls of Dunraven (the Quinn Family) for over three centuries. Lady Caroline Wyndham, wife of the second earl of Dunraven, began building Adare Manor in 1832. In 1987 the Manor was bought for 2Million by Tom Kane (previously of Stock brokers Salomon Brothers and later set up his own brokerage called Printon Kane & Co) a New Yorker from the U.S.A, it has 850 acres. Dermot Desmond (Glasgow Celtic investor) and several other business people are also investors with him as limited partners. The Manor’s golf course opened in 1995, up to 20,000 rounds of golf are played annually and this figure will only increase after this weekend Irish Open Concludes. Tom Kane is a strong supporter for the Independence of Shannon Airport from Dublin and Cork “Obviously the more traffic we can bring into Shannon the better off we are.” The Airport needs its own Board made up with influential business people and political movers and shakers to oversee the operation of the airport, to make deals for the benefit of Shannon and the West of Ireland .The Adare Manor with 63 bedrooms has a turnover of 10million annually, employs 200 and is of huge benefit to the Maigueside Region with its presence.

Leader Board:

Player To Par Holes R1 R2 R3 R4
B Dredge -9 68 73 66
R Finch -8 71 72 65
L Westwood -7 75 70 64
F Aguilar -6 71 72 67
D Frost -6 74 70 66
R Karlsson -6 71 70 69
G Murphy -5 2 74 70 68 -1
R Fisher -5 1 74 68 69 par
M Ilonen -5 1 77 66 68 par
P Larrazabal -4 6 70 70 73 -1
Selected Others To Par Holes R1 R2 R3 R4
P McGinley -2 9 73 69 73 -1
D Clarke +1 6 72 69 72 +4
C Montgomerie +5 13 75 69 73 +4


Discover Ireland Video : The West


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