Happy Dog Sunday,Limerick Animal Welfare

The Annual Happy Dog Sunday in the People’s Park in Limerick City is where I decided to go today, in my pocket my radio and it‘s earphones to keep in touch with Munster’s vital European Semi Final with Saracens in Coventry. It was raining as one would say “Cats and Dogs” a day more reminiscent from all those rain scenes in Angelas Ashes the movie.It did not deter those dog lovers though and the supporters of the organisation. Limerick Animal Welfare deserve all the support they can get , Since it’s establishment in 1983 Limerick Animal Welfare has helped thousands of neglected animals  and is a voluntary organization .It is currently involved in a sanctuary  for animals in Kilfinane,Co.Limerick .

http://www.limerickanimalwelfare.com/law/sanctuary.htm  this is a  major construction project .Limerick Animal Welfare currently spends approximately €30,000 per month in vets. kennel and food bills they now need to  raise €70,000 to kit out the interior and fence-in the site for it’s new sanctuary .For more information http://www.limerickanimalwelfare.blogspot.com/  and http://www.limerickanimalwelfare.com

061 336740 0876371044  limerickanimalwelfarequeries@gmail.com




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