The Late John Joe McNamara M.C.C Limerick County Council, Toureen House,Croom who served the Community and District of Croom so well in the early 50’s and 60’s .He was a hardworking and committed representative for the electoral area of the District and served on many committes during his time in Limerick County Council.John Joe was highly respected by every Political Allegiance .

“1 Councillor in 106 years elected in the Croom Area “

The Late Councillor John Joe McNamara was the only councillor from the Croom District to represent the Croom Area in 106 years when the first Croom person was co opted to Limerick County Council .Mr .John Coleman was member of Croom District Council. Since the enactment of the Irish Local Government Act of 1898 which followed on the setting up of County Coucils and Borough Councils.The first Croom person to represent Croom from 1899 to 1902 County Council Election(the first democratic constituted) was John Coleman who had been a chairman of the Croom District Council where this allowed ex-officio members of Limerick County Council to be co opted .

Sunday night last the town of Croom featured on West Limerick 102FM Radio. A one hour radio programme highlighted the historical Maigueside town, the Castle of Croom when it was built, the first Residents of the Castle were the O’Donovans; the Geraldines who went to war on three occasions during their occupancy of the Castle. The war cry of the Geraldines was Crom ab ; the purchase of the Castle by John Croker of Ballinagarde; the history of the Lyons family in Croom Castle; the Town of Croom was a major commercial town, well known for its milling. The town was the centre of decision making with the Kings and Chiefs residing in the Castle. The town was the major town for Limerick and for the entire Munster region for many centuries. It politically controlled the entire region of Munster. This popular history programme revealed that the Maigueside has no longer a strong political presence. In one hundred years only one Elected Representative served the community of Croom when the late John Joe McNamara was the only person to be elected in the century. The Hospital at Croom which served the entire county and city since 1926 until the Limerick Regional Hospital was built in 1956 in Dooradoyle. The Sunday night programme also recited some poems, Slan le Maighe and the Bridge of Croom and spoke of the association of the Maigue Poets who lived in Croom. The history programme is to return to the Maigueside in four weeks to continue the history of Croom


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