A Special Radio Programme on West Limerick 102FM will recall the many historical events in Croom over the centuries. The Maigueside town is steeped in history  and over the past two weeks the Church Misellette has included a brief history of the Churches in Croom.  The research and work was compiled by Fr. Sean Long former Curate in Croom and now Parish Priest in Askeaton.  Fr, Laurence Hartnet who is Parish Priest in Croom from 1781 to 1814 who lived at Croom Cottage next to the Parish Priest’s House where they later transferred the Parish Priests residence to Tory Hill House in 1786. On the death of Fr. Laurence Hartnet the nephew of the deceased Parish Priest  was appointed Parish Priest of whom it is said built the present Church.  It is hoped that history will be recalled on this Sunday nights radio programme.  Croom has the tradition of composing the “Limericks” and when the poets of Croom made their exit from the Maigueside Andreas McGrath composed the world famous Croom Anthem, Slan le Maighe.


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