Dawn Mass


Easter Sunday church celebrations came to a conclusion with mass at 11.30. Also, mass took place at Anhid, Old Cemetery at the breaking of the dawn. The birds could be heard chirping and singing and the ripple of the nearby Maigue and Camogue rivers with its waters travelling to meet the Shannon River could also be heard clearly. It was a special occasion for David O’Regan, chief celebrant, whose lands where the Anhid cemetery is situated.dawn-mass.jpg It was his first mass in Anhid cemetery since his ordination fifty years previous. Anhid is the place where he grew up in his younger days and attended the local school.  Father David was assisted by Father Joe Kennedy P.P. There was a large attendance in celebrating the celebration of the risen Christ. Father David welcomed the large assembly to celebrate the Easter festivities. There were many who travelled long journeys which included places such as Manchester, Dublin, Kildare and Limerick City and for those it was a very special occasion. Liam O’Rourke led the choir and the 200 plus people joined in, in the singing of the Easter hymns. Dawn mass on Easter Sunday morning is now a major part of Croom and Banogue’s Easter Church events.


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One Response to “Dawn Mass”
  1. peteob3 says:

    I attended the 2005 Dawn Mass -so good to see the photos and read the story about this year’s ceremony. Thankyou.

    Peter O’Brien

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