Easter :Kilmacow Graveyard

Kilmacow Graveyard..

Kilmacow (Cill Mochua) the Church of Mochua


                                       Kilmacow graveyard, one of five graveyards in the parishes of Ballingarry /Granagh .The townland of Kilmacow is East of The Village of Ballingarry situated midway between Ballingarry and Croom.It’s surrounded by the townlands of Ballynahaha (Baile na haithe) The town of Kiln, Kilmacaneacla North (Cill Mhic An Larla) The Church of the son of the Earl.Lissamota (Lios an Mhota) the enclosure of the mound.Lisduff (An Lios Dubh) The Black Enclosure. The Graveyard at Kilmacow goes back to the famine years and many of the famine victims were buried in Kilmacow in mass graves during the period of before and after 1847.One of the oldest headstones to be recorded is 1793, the oldest headstone to be found in Kilmacow is 1786.


The Kilmacow graveyard was renovated in 1998 and an annual mass for the bereaved and deceased buried in this cemetery is celebrated, there are many local names that appear on the headstones a name that appears very much on the headstones is that of the Lynch’s .The Lynch family name is very much associated with Dullas ,Croom ,Ballyelan(Baile Ui Fhaolain)The town of O’Fallon and Ballingarry.The cemetery has a walkway and is surrounded by the old cemetery wall and the ruins of the old church. Of Mochua.

The Entrance to this cemetery is by a passageway signposted on the Croom /Ballingarry road half a mile approximately from the old Kilmacow Creamery.

Religious Services for Easter .http://www.croomabu.ie/exponent/index.php?section=43

Video: Kilmacow


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