Musical Guys and Dolls

The final curtain for the Banogue Musical Society Group came down on Sunday night last to a packed audience who had completed five nights of sheer enjoyment and entertainment and singing and some beautiful music. The packed houses appreciated the quality of the presentation the radiant costumes and the men dressed in their black suits and bowler hats.  The young participants played a major part in the staging of Guys and Dolls.  The producer Mike Larkin must be complemented in putting over fifty members of the cast over a four-month rehearsal period.  The Chairman Jimmy Griffin thanked participant’s back room team, stewarding, and the sound team.  The preliminary rehearsals were seen on the Croom Website and for anybody who might not have seen the Musical show they can still browse the world wide website, http//: especially for people living away from the Banogue and Maigueside district.  Everybody looks forward to another year of community entertainment in the Community Hall in Banogue. Congratulations to the smallest Parish in the County.  It is often said, “Small is beautiful”, but in this case of Banogue this slogan is very appropriate.


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