One More Sive

The staging of John B. Keane Sive was a complete sell- out of five nights of excellent performing by the Granagh group at the community hall Granagh.img-5_thumbnail.jpg  The producers and cast had planned to bring the curtain down on Sunday night last but due to the disappointment of many who could not gain admission due to the full house sign, it has now being decided due to popular demand by the many drama enthusiasts to stage the event this Saturday night 2nd February.

The proceeds will go to charities to be nominated. The community of Granagh showed how small communities can display their talents with the best in the land.  Many communities have lay dormant with little or no activity but the community of Granagh have shown by participating and co-ordinating together what a local Parish can do. Granagh and other small communities have led the way.  Each performer and committee member carried out their duties to the highest of standards.  The producer Mary Liston, the behind the scenes personnel, the door management, the traffic corp, and everybody who played their part deserves the highest of praise. Locals living abroad were able to view the drama performance of Sive on the worldwide web http//:


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