Guys and Dolls ,A Musical by Banogue Parish Production’s.

The Banogue Musical society is busy preparing their gala musical event of Guys and Dolls from 9th—10th February and the weekend of the 15th, 16th, 17th February.


The Banogue cast for Guys and Dolls ,the Musical



Patricia Noonan as Miss Adelaide with the Hotbox Dancers.
Marian Kelly,Elizabeth Horgan,Eilis O’ Dywer,Pamela Barron
and Elizabeth Munro.
Fiachra Liston and Mary O Gorman as Sky Masterson
and Sarah Brown.
Mary Looby ,Carmel Clifford and Kathleen Noonan.

This is a massive undertaking by one of the smallest parishes in the county.  Over fifty people will take part in a two hour musical show dressed in all their colour costumes and dress.  The venue will be the Banogue Parish Community hall. The small parishes and communities are leading the way.


Patsy Carroll,John O’Gorman,Jack Costello,Jim Shortt,Billy O ‘Donoghue,Donie Collins,John Murphy,Richie Kelly and Pat Keogh as the Gamblers.




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