Horse Racing

Toureen Road Sizing  


Gavin Metelko,Noel Metelko(Owner of Mary Maguire),Denis Daly,Pat Daly,CroomgarryQueen,Mattie Daly Trainer.

Last weekend records were broken in the horse-racing world at Leopardstown and Nenagh for the horse fraternity of the Toureen road. Andrew McNamara had a major win when riding Sizing Europesizing-europe.jpg in the AIG Europe champion hurl at leopardstown on Sunday last. The prize money was one hundred and fifty thousand euro. In the first race at Leopardstown Andrew brought off a great win riding Seige of Ennis. One of the great events of the day for the popular trainer from the Toureen Road, Mattie Daly, when he brought off two outstanding wins at the Nenagh point to point with Croom GaryQueen and he also had an outstanding win with Mary McGuire.

Mattie Daly

John Thomas McNamara is continuing a winning streak. He brought off two winners at Nenagh, the Door and Moscow Maui. John Thomas brought off four wins at Kilfeakle point to point on Sunday week last. It was a complete winning take over in the horse racing circuit for Toureen trainers, jockeys and owners.


 The double win for Mattie Daly brought great rejoicing for the racing fraternity and especially the work and preparation that Mattie has put into his stables. The Maigueside District applauds Mattie, Andrew and John Thomas. They are all sports stars. 


This is how it was viewed in Guardian Newspaper,Please click on the link below,,2247963,00.html

One Response to “Horse Racing”
  1. maryryan says:

    Congratulations Mattie & all involved, continued
    success to all in Toureen.

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