Last weekend the residence of Bridge Street were waiting anxiously for the rains to stop for fear of their homes being flooded with water from the high swell of the river Maigue.  The first signs of the threat of flooding were when the Islandmor lands became water logged, and also the Well Meadow showed signs of the strong currents. The fear that the water would raise at the Coshma riverbank and also downstream, formerly Moroney’s shop was always at high risk of flooding.  People were taking all precautions in removing their motor cars to the streets.  Since the Maigue drainage scheme, the river Maigue waters reaches the Croom Bridge at a whirling pace and in ’97 and ’98 the residence will remember the extensive floods which entered the homes of the Bridge Street residences, thankfully last weekend was not a repeat of those bad memories.

See Below ,Photos of the Flooding back in 97/98.



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