Joe Noonan(Liam Scuab) ,Emma Morrissey (Sive) and Johnny Murphy (Sean Dota)
John Bennett(Mike Glavin) and Marylee Stapleton(Mena Glavin)

It will be like old times this week end in the community centre Granagh when the drama group presents John B. Keane’s  (Sive) which will take place Saturday and Sunday night the 19th and 20th January and also a three night staging Friday, Saturday and Sunday 25th, 26th and 27th January.  It is 45 years since the last staging of a three-act play in the Granagh stage. Mary Liston, who was the producer of those great shows in the 70s, has been putting the cast through their paces.  No doubt the standards will be high with Mary taking the whip hand. All the performers participating this weekend will not suffer from stage fright, as they have been through many a great show and the acting experience no doubt will have given them great confidence on the stage.  The theme of this production is about an old man of 70 with money who wants to marry a lovely young girl.  It is another community effort bringing communities and families together with amusement and entertainment.


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