The year 2007 had its highs and lows.  The highlights of the year was the arrival of thecroom-bus-citylink.jpg City link Bus which commenced a 1 hour daily service from Cork to Galway and this service takes in Croom a very much needed service to cater for the town and hinder land of the district.  Croom lost its expressway bus service following the completion of the By-pass and the people showed great disappointment at the time.  It reminded the happenings of Shannon/Heathrow when it has now lost its 3 daily flights, which it very much accommodated the emigrant and ordinary traveller going to and from the Western seaboard to the City of London.  The arrival of the city Link Bus should be welcomed by the entire community and district. An exchange depot centre has now been set up for the Cork/Galway route.  The management of City Link has been encouraged with the take up of the service from Croom and what a pity if the Croom bus route was ever to be terminated.  This would be a replica of the disappointments and political outcry, which we recently experienced, with the demise of a service, which was part and parcel of Irelands International Airport at Shannon.  The Croom Senior Hurlers reached the county Senior Hurling final after a lapse of sixty-six years and the result was disappointing on the day. Beidh la eile.


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