The Maigue River


The River Maigue rises in the Ballyhoura Mountains in north County Cork and flows in a northerly direction through Croom and Adare to join the Shannon Estuary west of Limerick City. In its course it has three tributaries; the Loobagh, Morning Star and Camoge rivers. The main River Maigue gets a nice run of spring salmon and a good run of grilse but the system is primarily a trout fishery. The spring fish normally run from mid-March to mid-May and the grilse from early June to the end of July. The Adare Manor stretch of the Maigue is private, for guests use only. However, the stretch from the bridge in Adare downriver for about 1½ kms is open water but a State licence is required to fish for salmon. This stretch is tidal right up to Adare. There is also some good fishing on this stretch for brown trout and slob trout. At low water much of the river can be waded in the Adare area. The system has been the subject of major arterial drainage some years ago but in recent times development work on the main channel and its tributaries has contributed greatly to improvement in trout stocks. The trout average about ¾ lb with some to 2 and even 3lbs. The system has all the usual fly hatches one associates with a rich limestone river, including mayfly.



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