Mid-Western Regional Orthopaedic Hospital


St. Nessan’s Regional Orthopaedic Hospital


The building, which currently houses the Regional Orthopaedic Hospital in Croom, was erected in 1852 as a workhouse   


and continued in this capacity until 1921 when it was closed.In 1924, the building was reopened as the Limerick County Hospital and incorporated a general hospital, fever hospital and maternity hospital. The Mid-Western Regional Hospital was opened in 1956 and the Croom site then became the Regional Orthopaedic Hospital.

A single orthopaedic surgeon manned Croom at a time when the specialty was still in its infancy. There were no modern joint replacements at the time and skeletal trauma management was frequently performed by general surgeons.

All Orthopaedic surgery continued at the Croom site until 1998 when an orthopaedic theatre was commissioned as part of the Mid-Western Regional Hospital Phase One developments. This facilitated the location of the Orthopaedic trauma service at the Dooradoyle site and allowed a non-interrupted concentration on the elective orthopaedic service at the Croom site.

The site has recently been listed by Limerick County Council as a protected structure and all new developments are referred to the Limerick County Conservation Officer for his review. The last few years have seen a ward refurbishments programme carried out under capital and NDP funding


One Response to “Mid-Western Regional Orthopaedic Hospital”
  1. croom says:

    I will always be forever grateful to all at the Hospital ,as they contributed towards my recovery from a very severe leg infection i had in 1976.

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